11 December, 2010

Just call me clumsy.....

It has been a beautiful day today in the Garden City - started the day rather early, no sleep-in this Saturday  morning.  Took my youngest to cricket - had to step over a very low fence to get to the pitch and didn't quite make it.  What a klutz!!  Spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch as too painful to walk :-(

All I can think of is the number of things I have to do before Christmas
  • Finish shopping for presents
  • Finish Christmas decorations
  • Tidy the garage (at the moment the car doesn't quite fit in it)
  • Tidy up the garden
  • Clean the windows
And on it goes - I didn't even get round to listing the projects I have on the go which need finishing

Oh well hopefully tomorrow my knee will be feeling a little better and I'll be a bit more mobile

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