17 May, 2008


Been a busy week - i did get round to finishing some cards which didn't photograph well at all and this altered notebook. It is made out of a hardbacked notebook, some hand made paper from Trade Aid and an old shell button.
Rugby today - my boy was Player of the Day, so proud!
Older son's report arrived - not so proud, just as well he isn't here, might have calmed down by the time he gets home. Oh well I think I'll take my frustration out on some crafty stuff! Will post results later!

15 May, 2008

Where oh where has Cindy been?

I have been creative - made a few things at the weekend which I have to post photos of. Been doing lots of other things - cooking and crafting. Not exactly the crafting frenzy I was hoping for - but at least I'm back on track.

Wanted to post a link to some freeware images that I have come across on Jules blog. These images can be used for Personal use only, and must not be distributed elsewhere or used on items that will be sold or used for profit.If you want to have a look at the gorgeous pictures, you can see them here:http://countdown.tentwostudios.com/.

There are some lovely pictures here.

06 May, 2008

Tuesday - mojo looking up

I haven't done any crafting the last two days but that doesn't mean I haven't been creative! My youngest son and I have been making a superb pulley/lever thing for science - I'm sure we, erm I mean he will do well beause it looks great (and it works!).

Have also been baking - which is another creative outlet. (Well I get points for trying at least!)

04 May, 2008

Todays make - day four of my wee challenge

I made this card and matching envelope for a colleague at work who is having a birthday this week.

I have also started on some ATCs which I hope to get finished over the week.
The new school term starts tomorrow - yay! I don't think the boys are looking forward to it but I am looking forward to some routine again! The downside is school uniforms and lunches.

Yesterday's make

This charm necklace was made from a K & Co kit - the photos are of my babies when they were both two. I haven't made anything like this before so I could improve my technique a bit! But it was fun and I love it!

03 May, 2008

Day 3 0f self imposed challenge

Today I made a gorgeous charm necklace from a kit I bought. It was my first attempt at jewellery making and a bit fiddly but I am really happy with it. Will post a picture as soon as I find my camera cable.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the fabulous Susie at Whiteribboncards is celebrating 10000 hits on her blog (Wow that is amazing - congrats Susie) with some blog candy. Go and visit her gorgeous blog.

02 May, 2008

Day 2 - bit of a hitch in plans

I bought a really cool necklace kit today - it is gorgeous, but I am having a bit of trouble finding the right photos to use in the charms so I didn't get it finished. It will be finished tomorrow though. And I'll have some other makes to show as well. At least the creative juices are beginning to stir again!

01 May, 2008

1st of May - day one of my personalcraft challenge

If you're n ot sure what an earth I am on about have a look at my posting of 30.04.08

I dreamt about crafts last night - I was making some awesome ATCs. I didn't make any today though but I have started my creative month by tarting up one of my clearfiles. It is in my favourite colours and is just one of a few 'Idea Journals' that I have. Not much - but it is a start :-)
I used my gelpens to decorate with doodles - now I have to fill it with wonderful crafty ideas!