21 January, 2011

100 Days of Happy

Wandering round in Blogland I found this blog.  She has a challenge going encouraging people to be happy.  I think we can all use a bit more happy so I am going to join in.  I'm not sure how I will record my happy thoughts but I'll start day one here.
Day one Happy Thought - I love rain.  Love the smell of it, love the way it changes the colour of things, love the garden afterwards!

11 January, 2011

Christmas art

I have just received a book I bought from Amazon after Christmas.....
Can't wait to start reading it - it looks delicious.  
The following photos are of some collages I made for Christmas presents.  The first one is a large one I made for my son whose passion is music.  Two views so hopefully you get a good idea of the picture.

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I need to work on my lettering....but other than that I am really pleased with it.  They other collage is much smaller and I gave it to a friend of mine.  I have a thing about birds at the moment .....

The bird is made from paper and then all the other details are painted. 

08 January, 2011

Hello 2011, Welcome

I've got over myself now - feeling much more positive.  What is there to feel blue about - the sun is shining, the birds are singing, children aren't fighting (maybe because they are still in bed - teenagers!) I have a nice cup of coffee and I'm sitting on my deck catching up on the blogs I follow.
Plans for the day include housework. It is Saturday after all and any working mother knows intentions of keeping up the housework during the week are great but when you get home tired after a day in the office it is much harder to be motivated.  And it is the school holidays and two teenagers are home during the day - they do their best to tired up after themselves but it is a 'boy' tidy not a 'mum' tidy :-).  So housework, pack away the Christmas decorations (I know this is way to late but see previous statement re work etc...) A catch up with a friend later and when it gets a bit cooler some much needed gardening.  Sunday is 'Me' day - I'll get to relax then!
I have been catching up on blogs as mentioned before and found This Blessed Nest through Today's Creative Blog.  This Blessed Nest is having a give away - go and see what she is offering - the cutest bags - and then look at her fabulous blog, it is full of ideas.  Love it and can't wait for time to have a look at it more (Tomorrow?)