01 January, 2013


After so badly neglecting this blog I have started afresh at LucindaBee. I have set myself a challenge to blog every week and I am determined to do so.  Please come and visit me at my new address - there isn't a lot there yet but there soon will be.

Thanks for stopping by.

31 January, 2012

Putting Pinterest into Action

I spend A LOT of time on Pinterest If you are a fan then you know how it goes, you repin one 'must do' pin then that leads to another and then another.  Before you know it the cat has gone and fed itself and tea is a burnt cinder in the oven.  I made a promise to myself that I would start putting the inspiration I find on Pinterest to good use this year and try to complete at least one project a week.
Project number one for Pinterest (number 3 for 2012)   I saw this adorable little mouse on The Long Thread. a few weeks ago and I pinned it to my Gift Ideas  board.

Source The Long thread

Isn't he adorable - I love the natural linen with the floral.  This is from a book that Ellen who is the blog owner has recently published.  There is a great Etsy video on the blog which shows the making of the pincushion.  I was rummaging around tidying up today and I found some calico and some pretty floral I bought recently which got me thinking....

I needed a doorstop in my craft room - I had been using a heater but knew I could do better than that so I got out some paper and made a pattern and eventually ended up with a super-sized mouse as a door stop.
Hello cutey!

Not his best side

He is slightly too big so next time I make him I'll make him a bit smaller.  I think he is lovely although I have to refine my embroidery skills.  I'm eager to make him pincushion size too. Now what else can I find to make .....I'm in a Pinteresting mood.
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30 January, 2012

Hello 2012

I thought I had better acknowledge the arrival of 2012 while there were still a few days of January left....I don't know where this month has gone.  I have a week off work so I am looking forward to catching up on my blogging as well as finding some creative time. 

My oldest son recent left home so I moved all my crafting equipment into his old room - I can't believe I have so much 'stuff', or that I had it all in a wardrobe.  When I finally have the room sorted I'll post some pictures.
While I was moving everything and put it away, I am ashamed to say I found a lot of projects I had bought several years ago and never gotten round to completing them.  Well this is going to be the year of getting things done,and of using what is already in my stash so let me introduce to project number one for 2012.......
Please excuse the nakedness of this little lovely.  She has been waiting patiently for me to 'clothe' her.

Here she is with her finery  on - I used a paper napkin for the decoupage, I have no idea what the paint I used was.  In an endeavour to 'make do' I used what paint I had and mixed different colours together until I had what I wanted..

I don't have a before picture of my next project - but it was basic brown as the pig above was to start with.
This is the finished article - I still want to put some inserts in it but will use it for a while so I can decide what I need.  I'm planning on using it as a sewing case.

I'm not sure what came over me when it came to choosing the colours - although they are in the patterned paper on the top.  I just mixed paint I already had until I got the shade I wanted. I love the way it has come out.  For me it has the old world charm I was looking for

07 December, 2011

A great place for Christmas resources

Christmas is a time to get crafty.  Lisa Vollrath at GoMakeSomething offers some amazing downloads every December.  This is the link to her 6th Annual Original Printable countdown.  Go and take a look for some holiday inspiration

An example of what goodies Lisa has for you

04 December, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

I thought I would share some of my favourite Christmas songs, books and traditions over the next few weeks...First up, this is one of my favourite Christmas songs - I never tire of hearing it.

03 December, 2011

Button Floozie Christmas Ornament swap

I received my ornaments for the Button Floozies Christmas swap today - yay!    My partner was Jo in Tasmania, Australia.  Jo's blog is here.  I stupidly forgot to take photos of the ornaments I sent to Jo so hopefully she'll put them up when she receives them.  Here are some photos of the ornaments Jo sent.

Excitement - love the thrill a parcel brings....

The lovely card Jo sent

The two ornaments

Not a great photo but this is a lovely little button snowman

A beautifully stitched ornament that has the tiniest buttons on it.

A close up of the snowman - he is gorgeous

28 November, 2011


Today it is my birthday.  I am  *breathe* 50........and I am actually pleased to be here, at this milestone.  I remember when my mother turned 50 ....she seemed so old.  I feel like a much younger 50 than she was (mind you I think my mother might have been born old).  I am looking forward and setting some goals which will make my 50s happy, healthy and purposeful.

Never one to follow the norm I decided against a party and spent the money, it would have cost me, instead on a long weekend away.  I had a fabulous time with my family including siblings and their children and in one case, grand child. We stayed at Punakaiki on the West Coast (my most favourite of all places in New Zealand) in a wonderful house right on the beach.  It was a wonderful way to recharge the batteries and get ready for the Christmas season.
View from beach - house we stayed in is the two storied house at rear

View north from beach

View south from beach

View from the beach

Another view of the fabulous house we stayed in         

After my rejuvenating weekend, I'm looking forward positively to a year ahead where anything is possible.........