28 September, 2011

Weekly wisdom

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”  Thomas Edison

Coes Ford, Canterbury, NZ

26 September, 2011

A new confession

Hello my name is Cindy and I'm addicted to........Pinterest.  I love this concept - I have always been a clipper of magazine pictures and stories.  In fact I have boxes of stuff I've cut out - it takes up a lot of room and I really must sort it all out.  The modern alternative is Pinterest - and I am truly addicted.  I love it - but I'm spending so much time Pinning I'm not Doing.  This week I am going to set myself a goal of actually making something I've seen on Pinterest!  I'm not sure what yet but I'll let you know.....meanwhile you can find me here

25 September, 2011

Seven On Sunday 25th September

So Sunday has rolled around again - I don't know where the year is going.  Daylight Saving started for us today so I am expecting that the coming week will be a bit difficult while we try to adjust to the new time.  I'm certainly not going to complain about the extra hours of daylight at the end of the day though :)

My list this week is "Seven things I like about Spring"
  1. Daffodils - I know I chose them last week but they are still one of my favourite things about this time of year.
  2. Bird song in the morning - I like being woken by the birdsong outside rather than my alarm clock
  3. New mown grass - time to get the lawn mower out again (actually it is well over time....now where did I put it??), I love the smell of newly mown grass
  4. Christmas is only 3 months away now
  5. Fresh local veges - local produce is making an appearance at the super-market.  We can say goodbye to the imported fruit and veg - it just doesn't taste the same
  6. Getting out in the garden again - I planted my planters with pansies (blue and white, my favourite flower combo) and also put some tomato plants in the garden
  7. Animals - when I drive to work now there are fields full of new lambs, calves, foals and alpaca.  Love them!

Have a great week everyone.

20 September, 2011

Hello my name is Cindy and I love buttons!

Just found this blog and had to share - Button Floozies.   Here I was thinking I was alone in my secret love of buttons - how happy I am to find others to share my addiction with.  If you can put up your hand and say "I'm not ashamed to admit I love butons" then go and have a look.  They have an autumn swap which looks like fun - I've joined, can't wait! 

Fur babies

In May, two adorable kittens joined our family.

Officially they are my son's pets but really they are mine.  When they first came to live, they would climb up me for a cuddle when I got home from work - very painful I must confess but gave me warm fuzzies at the same time.  And I am the person who makes sure they have food and water and cleans out their litter tray!
They have grown - a lot!  They are playful and highly amusing as well as being naughty.  Mogwai has recently perfected climbing the curtains and getting on top of the book shelves - this in turn activates our burglar alarm if we are not at home....the alarm company has had to call three times this month to report "an activation".  As I work 30 minutes from home this is becoming a bit of a problem!   We wouldn't be with out them though.
When they first arrived they headed straight under the couch - somehow they got inside the lining of the couch and it became like a hammock for them.  This is where they slept at night and would run to if they were scared. Now Godfrey has got too big he has to squeeze under the couch - he has taken to putting his head under and hoping no one can see him!  Bless :)

They don't fit in theirs bed any more either - they used to be able to cuddle up together and still had room to spare.  Look at them now

Now they have found another safe haven - on top of the pantry.  The basket used to be Mogwai's favourite place but macho Godfrey has taken over so now she likes to perch on the books.  I think that they are under the impression that because they are higher than the rest of us, they are in control..*shhh* don't tell them, but sometimes I think they might be!

19 September, 2011

Kiwiana makes

I recently finished a small canvas I had been making.  I have a small piece of wall in my kitchen where some kiwiana hangs.  A picture of three pukekos which I bought; my jandal clock - also bought; my wooden pukeko, which I made; and my map of New Zealand.

 The outline is made from seed beads, the two heart shaped buttons mark my two favourite places
 Pukeko - my favourite bird.  I love its colouring and it is so amusing to watch
Kiwiana corner - didn't realise those bananas were so manky looking
Close up of clock

Weekly inspiration

"It's never too late to be who you might have been."  George Eliot

Important to remember that we all get a second chanceyou just have to take it......

The photo below has nothing to do with today's wisdom, it is just one of my favourite places :)

My favourite place- Punakaiki, West Coast, NZ

18 September, 2011

Seven on Sunday

Spring has made it's appearance in the southern hemisphere at last.  After the awful start to this year it is pleasing to feel change in the air.  I've been thinking of how I can spring clean my little piece of the blogosphere and I have a few changes in mind.

My first is Seven on Sunday - some random musings from the week gone by....
    1. Daffodils! No need to say more, they are everywhere and always put a smile on my face :)
Image via Google

    2. Clean sheets - one of my favourite indulgences, clean cotton sheets (must be white!) on the bed after  
        drying in the sun all day.  Bliss!
    3. Pinterest - I'm a little bit addicted......too much pinning and not enough doing.  If you're new to  
        Pinterest come visit me .  Be prepared to stay awhile though!

    4. Kittens - we have two, they are gorgeous and I love them to bits....but oh boy do they wake up early
        now that the days are getting longer.  These are photos from the first night we had them.  New photos 
        coming soon

   5. It's 97 days until Christmas day - thats only just over 3 months.  Where has this year gone  Better
       get my mojo spring cleaned so that I can get started on Christmas cards and presents

  6. Rugby World Cup - you'd have to be living in a cave to avoid it in New Zealand right now.  Loving it!
  7. Our boys, our team - this year they will bring home the Cup!