31 December, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Where has the week gone, seems like only yesterday that it was Christmas Eve and now it is New Years Eve.  I haven't done anything crafty this week - been too busy working outside.  I recently had a lot of landscaping done and there is still a little bit left to do.  So this week has been spent outside as much as possible - not just working but enjoying the new garden and especially the new deck where we have been eating a lot of our meals.

Anyway on to the new year - I am trying to resist making a resolution because it won't last (If the 40-something previous years are anything to go by!) so I have taken an idea from here and my word is Believe.

I need to Believe in myself, Believe in my children and Believe in others.  I think it is a word filled with possibilities and I feel really energised by it.

I am also making something to hang on my wall with some other words on it that I need to focus on.  I'll post pictures when it is finished.

I wish everyone everywhere a Happy New Year - may you find what you are looking for in the coming year.

24 December, 2009

Christmas Eve - finally!

Where has the month gone.  Here we are the morning of Christmas Eve already.  I certainly haven't ticked everything off my 'To Do' list but I think I can live with what's left.

Summer has finally arrived in NZ - thank goodness I was beginning to wonder.  I have just had a lot of landscaping done so the warm weather is much appreciated - I need it for my new lawn!

I have finished my Christmas cards, and all but one of them have been posted.  Here is a selection of some of them

I also found an old family photo - that is me in the highchair with my three sisters - which I framed for each of them.  I used different backing papers for each frame.  I know one of them has opened hers already - she cried, which wasn't the object of it but I guess it means she likes it. 

Now it is Christmas Eve.  All the presents are wrapped, all the shopping is done, there is baking and housework still to do.  Time to get the day underway so I can finally put my feet up when everything is finished, and enjoy this magical time of year.  Even though my boys are older now, I am so happy that they appreciate the family traditions of Christmas which we have been building over the years - it makes it all worthwhile.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and happy Christmas .

01 December, 2009


I finished a collage at the weekend.  Only my second attempt so I am slearning as I go.  It looks really good on the wall though and I suppose that is all that matters.

Not the best photo - will try again later when it is sunny.

Christmas candy

Hop on over to White Ribbon Cards to see Susies fab candy which she is giving away.  You can see the goodies in this picture.  It's easy to enter so why don't you visit her fab blog.