24 August, 2009

Mid-life Crisis Maybe?

About three weeks ago, after several months of soul searching, I got up one morning and decided I was going to resign from my job!! To put this in perspective - I am a single mother of two gorgeous boys with a mortgage to pay and not a lot of savings. I have worked for the same company for fifteen years and am in a management position, and I don't have another job to go to. What was I thinking!! Well I just knew I needed a change and that I need to find something that lifts my spirit and feeds my soul. I want to get in touch with my creative side again - as you can see there hasn't been a lot of that happening lately!!

What am I going to do? Well, I finish work in four weeks time, just in time for the spring school holidays so my initial plan is to hang out with my kids and just enjoy being with them. Then when they are back at school I'm getting the house ready for sale - landscaping to be done, some internal painting needed, a bit of decorating, lots of clutter control! My plan is to sell the house after Christmas to move a bit closer to the city and the boy's schools. I'm also looking forward to having the summer holidays (January) off with the boys and being able to do stuff with them rather than arranging holiday programmes and snatched days off here and there. Sounds like bliss to me!!
After that i will look for a new job or maybe do some study, I might do some temp work to help the budget and I also might take a stall at one of the local markets to sell all the crafty goodness I am planning on producing.

So people I might be in need of encouragement from time to time - if you are stopping by please leave me a comment. Let me know I haven't completely lost my marbles.........

I have created a few cards lately - we seem to be entering 'birthday season' in my family - only one that I managed to get a decent photo of - and that isn't very good. At least I'll have plenty of daylight hours to take photos in soon! Thanks for stopping by....