24 September, 2008

It is Spring!

This is the first week of the school holidays and I have a rather long list of things I want to do in this week I have off. The most important is spending time with H (unfortunately D only has two weeks off and he finishes on Friday). We've been mastering the breadmaker - yum! If I'm not careful I will roll back to work on Monday! Didn't do much yesterday - spent time in the garden. I've planted mint and coriander plus a rosemary bush. The nor'wester has kicked in so I am having to water them several times a day. I have plans to plant basil, capsicum, lettuce and tomatoes as well -- maybe at the weekend.
Today we went to Willowbank wildlife park - we both love the farm yard there! Reminders of childhood!Loved this gorgeous goose!

H made friends with the miniature horse - cute!

Home to a little bit of housework and maybe some crafting after tea - maybe! anyway here is the ATC's I made for a recent CB forum swap - the theme was gardens or seasons. Haven't had much time to spend at CB lately - I miss it and must make time over the next few days to catch up on what is happening there!