09 March, 2008

Where are the days going?

It jsut seems like yesterday since I updated my blog - but it is almost a week. Where is the time going? Is it a sign of getting older (never!) or is it just because everything in our world is going faster and faster? With autumn just round the corner there were plenty of chores to keep me busy - inside and outside the house.
Haven't had a very creative weekend. I have almost finished a holder - altered from a Pringles chip container into something a bit more pleasing to look at. Will take a photograph and post it later.

Have been cruising some fabulous blogs. Check this one out for a fabulous giveaway HERE. The fabulous bloggers from the CB forum have all been busy lately - see some of them at right. Sewdelish also has a give away going now - check it out HERE

I have subscribed to the kits from Paper Pesto (see HERE) My first kit is due this week - can't wait. I'm already planning what I can do with it. Watch this space for some fab creations.

Thought of the day: Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye

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