22 March, 2008

My lucky weekend

And still more winnings! Checked my emails this morning and had one from Welcome to Oliver and Olivia. I've won this cute little frog called Pascale. Going out to buy a lotto ticket today to see how far my luck is going to go!


FormerBlonde said...

well done on pascale,, I tried for the frog too, but am sure it will be well cared for

have to ask though,, how does one go about sending the make my day awards

am having a blonde moment

jo xx

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

I love him!

CindyBee said...

Hi Jo - if you have a look further down my blog you'll see the 'rules'.

You just save the award picture itself and upload it to your blog like you would a photo. Not sure if that makes sense or not - sing out if you need help

Max said...

Love your wee froggy prize ... well done on winning him.