30 March, 2008

More swaps

I received my ATCs from the March CB forum swap, yesterday. They are beautiful - and the first ATCs (apart from my own pathetic attemps) that I have seen. (ATCs don't seem to be 'big' in New Zealand) Any way the beautiful ATCs are from Glitzzy, Silvercustard and Drayton Lady.

These are my first attempt at ATCS - pathetic in comparison with the above. But I now know what the standard is so can do better next time!


Jane said...

Hey I am so pleased that you received the ATCs from the swap safely, they are lovely (even mine looks good online lol) as for your ATCs they are delightful and I think you should be proud of them!
chat on the forum soon x

sewsimple said...

Don't put yourself down we all think that our work is not as good as other peoples!!!
I look at it like this we all do things to the best of our capabilities.
Your ATC's are lovely and you should as the other lady says be proud of them.
In fact be proud of whatever you do!

Max said...

I agree with Jane and Marie Cindy ... your ATC's are super too. I shall slap your legs for 'dissing' your own work.
Keep up the good work and don't be so hard on yourself.