18 September, 2011

Seven on Sunday

Spring has made it's appearance in the southern hemisphere at last.  After the awful start to this year it is pleasing to feel change in the air.  I've been thinking of how I can spring clean my little piece of the blogosphere and I have a few changes in mind.

My first is Seven on Sunday - some random musings from the week gone by....
    1. Daffodils! No need to say more, they are everywhere and always put a smile on my face :)
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    2. Clean sheets - one of my favourite indulgences, clean cotton sheets (must be white!) on the bed after  
        drying in the sun all day.  Bliss!
    3. Pinterest - I'm a little bit addicted......too much pinning and not enough doing.  If you're new to  
        Pinterest come visit me .  Be prepared to stay awhile though!

    4. Kittens - we have two, they are gorgeous and I love them to bits....but oh boy do they wake up early
        now that the days are getting longer.  These are photos from the first night we had them.  New photos 
        coming soon

   5. It's 97 days until Christmas day - thats only just over 3 months.  Where has this year gone  Better
       get my mojo spring cleaned so that I can get started on Christmas cards and presents

  6. Rugby World Cup - you'd have to be living in a cave to avoid it in New Zealand right now.  Loving it!
  7. Our boys, our team - this year they will bring home the Cup!

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