28 August, 2011


I started this blog as a means of recording my creative endeavours.  At the beginning this meant  mainly card making with the odd other activity thrown in.  Life has changed since then, I'm not the same person I was way back then.  Rather than beat myself up over my lack of creativeness of late I decided to do some research.

What is creativity?  Well according to the Oxford dictionary it is....

the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness:

Interesting - that gives me some scope.  I would also add that, for me, creativity is making something, not necessarily something original, but also using other's ideas as a springboard . So I've done an inventory and these are a few of my creative endeavours over the last couple of weeks

Bread making

Birthday card
Pizza - made from scratch!

 I know!  I am being quite liberal with my defintion but to me, creating is making something that isn't everyday - hence the bread baked without my breadmaker (which vibrated itself off the bench and now doesn't work  :-(  ); pizza with hand made dough, etc.  At least this is how I am able to feel creative sometimes - there is so little time left over for me some days that I have to be creative about being creative!

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