20 September, 2011

Fur babies

In May, two adorable kittens joined our family.

Officially they are my son's pets but really they are mine.  When they first came to live, they would climb up me for a cuddle when I got home from work - very painful I must confess but gave me warm fuzzies at the same time.  And I am the person who makes sure they have food and water and cleans out their litter tray!
They have grown - a lot!  They are playful and highly amusing as well as being naughty.  Mogwai has recently perfected climbing the curtains and getting on top of the book shelves - this in turn activates our burglar alarm if we are not at home....the alarm company has had to call three times this month to report "an activation".  As I work 30 minutes from home this is becoming a bit of a problem!   We wouldn't be with out them though.
When they first arrived they headed straight under the couch - somehow they got inside the lining of the couch and it became like a hammock for them.  This is where they slept at night and would run to if they were scared. Now Godfrey has got too big he has to squeeze under the couch - he has taken to putting his head under and hoping no one can see him!  Bless :)

They don't fit in theirs bed any more either - they used to be able to cuddle up together and still had room to spare.  Look at them now

Now they have found another safe haven - on top of the pantry.  The basket used to be Mogwai's favourite place but macho Godfrey has taken over so now she likes to perch on the books.  I think that they are under the impression that because they are higher than the rest of us, they are in control..*shhh* don't tell them, but sometimes I think they might be!

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