02 October, 2011

Seven on Sunday 2nd October

Sunday night once again - where do the days go?  I have had quite a productive weekend. I've:
  • Planted my planters with blue and white pansies and lobellia.  Now just have to wait for them to get established
  • Also planted some herb - mint, parsley and coriander; and lettuce
  • Planted some flower seeds - nasturtiums - in some pots for the deck;
  • Baked a delicious lemon syrup cake
  • Washed countless loads of washing (now have to fold them all - my least favourite job)
  •  Completed a canvas - the first bit time I've felt creative for a while - I have to do some more to it but it feels good to have made something
  • Watched too much TV - rugby world cup and now NRL final
  • Still have some beds to make and then it will be a bath and a good book I think :)

Toady's list of seven is "Seven Favourite Movies:  in no particular order  "
(movie poster images here)


And yes, I do know there is more than seven......I couldn't bring myself to choose just seven, in fact I could add a few more as well.  I'm also not sure what these movies say about me...hopeless romantic? Definitely, and proud of it :)
What are your favourite 'go to' movies?  What do they say about you?

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