24 October, 2011

Seven on Sunday, on Monday

It is a long weekend in New Zealand so no work today.  I've made a bit of a dent in what I laughingly refer to as 'the garden' - the weed pit would be a better name.  I have sorely neglected the garden over the last few months so I only have myself to blame.  I've been making amends this weekend - thankfully we had great weather - and have cleared one of the garden beds - half done anyway.  I visitied a local garden centre which had a fantastic sale on yestrday, and bought  camellias, a linden tree, a bay and a rosemary. I've planted the camellias this morning and now I am officially knackered!

Seven on Sunday this week - which is actually on Monday is My Seven Favourite (Mainly) Craft Blogs
1. Craftgawker
    Hundreds of crafty ideas
2, Today's Creative Blog
    Lots of inspiration and new blogs to discover
3. Mod Podge Rocks
   Love Mod Podge!
4. Just Something I Made
    Full of amazing ideas from one inspirational lady
5. The Graphics Fairy
   Vintages images for use in your projects
6. Craftberry Bush
   A recent find
7. Whip Up
   Plenty of inspiration for everyone

If you're stopping by leave me a comment and let me know what your favourite blog is for crafty inspiration.

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