09 October, 2011

Seven on Sunday October 9th

Here we are again, Sunday.  Last week just sped by.  Its hard to believe that the first week of October is done and dusted already.  Christmas will be here before we know it..  Here are some of the things that I've been thinking about this week
  1.  Earthquakes - we've just had another earthquake, a 5.5 magnitude.  Large by a lot of people standards but not by Cantabrians' unfortunately.  Anyway it was a nasty reminder that Mother Nature is still in control. 
  2. Mojo - don't want to say it too loud but my mojo appears to be back :)  In the last week I've completed a small canvas and started another one - which I am loving.  I also ideas bubbling away for two more.  Just need to find the time now!
  3. Children - do you ever stop worrying about them? I can't imagine a parent ever does
  4.  New job - I really need to start looking for something permanent.  There has to be the perfect job for me out there somewhere.
  5. Birthdays - I have a significant birthday approaching rapidly and I'm not prepared (mentally) for it at all.
  6. Summer - it's on its way.  The days are getting longer and there a is a definite feeling of renewal in the air.  Now if only I could get the grass to stop growing until I get the mower fixed.....
  7. Rugby - can't leave it out.  Only two weeks to go and it will all be over.  Come on All Blacks
I've got a busy week ahead.  I still haven't achieved my goal of actually making something I've seen on Pinterest, so I think I am oing to focus on that this week.

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