04 February, 2011

Did the earth move for you?

I have avoided writing too much about the earthquakes we have been experiencing in Canterbury.  Since September 4th we have experienced more than 4000 quakes (yes that is right - over 4000)  Some don't even register on our consciousness any more - we might stop for a few seconds and think "Oh a quake"  others make us consider how long it would take to get under the table or run outside.  This link gives a good visual idea of what we have been dealing with - I live in Rolleston which you can see is close to the fault line.  My house is still waiting to be assessed for damage - nearly every internal wall has at least one crack in it, the concrete floor has cracks and the exterior cladding has cracks as well.  We are luckier than at lot of people though - at least we have a roof over our head, the house is weather proof and the damage is possibly superficial (will just have to wait and see what the assessors say)
So why am I writing about it now?  Well tonight we had a 4.6 magnitude quake which was centered very close to my home - the house more than shook, it felt think it was rolling with the shock waves.  What made it worse was that all my loved ones were away from home and it took about 10 minutes to check on them all (thank goodness for cell phones) - we've had worse quakes, which produced worse damage but tonight I felt helpless not knowing if everyone was OK.  For anyone interested in seeing photos of the Canterbury damage go here and here

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luthien said...

hello Cindy :)
i came here via your comment on my OWOH post. i'm so sorry to hear about the earthquakes that has been troubling your part of the world. my uncle lives in NZ too but in Auckland.
i hope things are better now. be strong and stay well.
luthien :)