26 October, 2009

What a surprise when I logged on this morning to see I had recieved this lovely award from Denyze.  the 'rules' are that I have to post five things about myself and then pass on to five people.
Five things about myself:
  • I'm predominantly a vegetarian (not solely though as from time to time I do eat meat if it is free range organic) - I love discovering new vegetarian recipes.
  • I am always surprised when I see my reflection in a shop window and discover I'm not the willowy  6 foot tall I think I am - instead I am a rather short 5 ft 3in!
  • I love paper and stationery stores - empty pages waiting to be filled, handy bits and pieces waiting to be put to good use, pens of every imaginable colour - bliss!
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate - need I say more
  • Christmas is my favourite time of year - I love the tradition of it all - trees, decorations, carols, food!
I'm passing this award to SusieJules, Rachel, Maggie and Twiggy.  Thank you all for the enjoyment I get from your blogs - although you are also responsible for the mess my house gets into at times, I know what i would rather do that housework! 

Now it is a glorious sunny day, it might be Monday but no one minds today because it is a holiday, I have loads of laundry to do, not to mention gardening, so I had better get started on it all!


twiggypeasticks said...

Aww thanks hun, right back at ya, will blog my award soon
twiggy x

Rachel said...

Thanks Cindy so much for the award...you are responsible for my messy house also...lol..