22 November, 2009

Arty happenings

I have been attending a few art classes lately - not 'real art' but mixed media which is a wonderful art form for someone like me who can't draw to save herself!!

I completed this collage on Thursday. Quite difficult to get a decent photo but hopefully you get the idea!  I'm making another one which is about half finished - will post piccies when it is complete. 
These collages are so much fun to work on.  I am in danger of not getting any Christmas cards fnished!!

What else have I been doing in my self imposed time off? Well I've made some birthday cards - which for some reason I didn't photograph (must be getting forgetful in my old age..) I've been spring cleaning the house - we had a really therapeutic throwing out of old clothes today - bliss!  I have a lot of work going on outside at the moment.  We are building a deck as well as doing some landscaping - have a few things to make for outside too.

I have also been enjoying what little sunshine we've seen.  This photo was taken recently on one of our rare sunny days (Spring sucked so I hope Summer makes up for it)

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