07 December, 2008

It's official....

I'm getting old-er! I went to my work Christmas party last night and I'm feeling a bit 'tired' this morning :-) I wasn't drinking anything stronger than OJ as I was the sober driver so it isn't the alcohol then it must be......getting older. Groan!
Have heaps to do today - especially some crafting as I have a Friday deadline on a bunch of them but not very motivated just yet. I have been doing a bit of blog hopping hoping for some motivation and came across this site which has some fabulous free printables on it, one new one each day until Christmas. Go and have a look!

Better go now - a spot of gardening is called for then into the crafty stash to get started on those cards

1 comment:

pinkpuppy said...

Hi hope you are all raedy for christmas! i have some thing on my blog for you :)