25 December, 2008

Another Christmas almost over

Well - the food is all eaten; the dishes are done; the wrapping paper has been folded away for next year :-) - presents have been well and truly played with; children are either asleep or almost asleep. I've just settled down with a coffee and a few choccies which I tucked away earlier in the day - I'm watching Ghost (sniffle), not sure how this qualifies as a Christmas movie but it will do. Hope everyone in blogland has had, or is having, a happy and peaceful Christmas.

I mentioned in my last post a scrap book I have made. These are the pictures - I have gathered up all the 'Santa' photos which I have had taken of the boys over the years and put them all together. The illustrations (which i scanned) are from an old book that we have had since my youngest was a baby.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Jules said...

Happy Christmas :o)

Great scrapbook - definitely one to be treasured.