29 December, 2008

The dreaded New Years resolutions

I follow a great website - Zen Habits which has some great ideas for simplifying life and increasing your productivity. I find as a single parent, working full-time in a challenging job, with two gorgeous sons that sometimes I spread myself a bit thin. I have found some good tips on this site which has helped me organise myself, and give me more time to do the things I need (especially being creative) I have signed up for the challenge at the Power of Less, which is a forum focusing on building habits. (Basically you have to tell everone what your challenge is which means you will be accountable for the goal - insead of making resolutions, it is committing to building a new habit) My goal/habit is to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. I'll let you know how I get on!
I have also been looking at goals from another blog and intend to create myself a visual prompt as a goal setting aid for the new year. i'll post a photo when I have made it.

Happy New Year everyone.

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