20 August, 2011

A new leaf....

Where has the year gone.  My poor blog - all alone and neglected.  Well not any more.  I've given mysel a stern talking to and I am back on track.  My mojo has even visited a few times lately - more on that later.  I'm planning a blogging challenge for myself during the month of September - to welcome Spring to the Southern hemisphere and also get back in the habit.   I will be giving away some goodies as well so if anyone is still reading this I'll let you know when to spread the word :)

Our house at 7am

We started this week with snow - not so bad on Monday but really heavy on Tuesday.  These are a few photos taken over the two days.

Our street is here somewhere

 As soon as it started to snow our yard was  visited by dozens of little birds.  There were all dressed up in their finery and just begging to be photographed!

Some members of the family spent a lot of time trying to figure out just how to get out amongst the birds!

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