04 April, 2011

I've found out something about myself...

I don't feel the least bit creative when I feel sad.  And I have been feeling very sad since February 22nd - the earthquake, the horrible loss of many lives, the loss of my job...it all add to it.  However since going to the Memorial last Month i am finally feeling like my old self - I've done my grieving for Christchurch and I'm ready to greet the new Christchurch which will grow from this tragedy.

So far my creative endeavours have involved the kitchen - scrummy Blueberry and Lemon muffins, Lemon Curd - delicious on the muffins but also equally spectacular lightly folded through whipped cram and used to fill cream puffs and sponges,.

I've also made Harvest Tomato Sauce - from tomatoes in my own garden I might add.  A great feeling of achievement making that - I have another batch to make tomorrow.  The sauce is delicious with pasta; it also gives a nice boost to a casserole and is delicious as a base for eggplant .parmigiana. 

The recipes for the Lemon Curd and Harvest Sauce are from this fabulous book which I got as a gift for Christmas.

Because of the earthquake in February I am now searching for work - in the meantime I am enjoying having the time to cook for the family and I'm getting quite frugal.  Some of my favourite recipe books are written by Sophie Gray  I have all her books and they are fantastic. I'll reveal some of my favourites another day.  Got to go - teas ready and there are yummy Blueberry and Lemon muffins for after - heaven!

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Misty Boston said...

Those muffins and sauces look DELISH!!!! I wish I could come over for tea! :D

and I've been feeling down and out of my own creative loopiness too. Hang in there, your muse will come back! :)