06 November, 2011

Seven on Sunday November 6th

I've been watching a bit too much TV lately.....there are some really watchable programmes on our TV right now, not helped by the fact that Sky TV has launched it's new channel Soho.

These are some of the programmes I have been watching recently

Downton Abbey - first class British drama. I can't believe that I didn't see the first series - now rectified of course.  Thank goodness for DVDs.

Game of Thrones - fascinating!  I find that I have to concentrate very hard as there is a LOT going on :)
Peta Mathias in the South of France - fantastic programme.  If I ever win Lotto I am going on one of Peta's cooking school jaunts.  She is fabulous!

Rick Stein in Spain - always like Rick Stein and his tour round Spain is fantastic
(At least if I'm watching people cook I'm not eating....usually)

 The Borgias - wonderfully decadent.  Beautiful costuming and scenery

 Harry's Law - quite quirky, really enjoyable

The X-factor USA - my guilty pleasure!

I do multi-task when watching TV though - folding laundrey, painting, sewing, so I don't feel I'm totally wasting time......
What's your favourite TV show?

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