24 December, 2009

Christmas Eve - finally!

Where has the month gone.  Here we are the morning of Christmas Eve already.  I certainly haven't ticked everything off my 'To Do' list but I think I can live with what's left.

Summer has finally arrived in NZ - thank goodness I was beginning to wonder.  I have just had a lot of landscaping done so the warm weather is much appreciated - I need it for my new lawn!

I have finished my Christmas cards, and all but one of them have been posted.  Here is a selection of some of them

I also found an old family photo - that is me in the highchair with my three sisters - which I framed for each of them.  I used different backing papers for each frame.  I know one of them has opened hers already - she cried, which wasn't the object of it but I guess it means she likes it. 

Now it is Christmas Eve.  All the presents are wrapped, all the shopping is done, there is baking and housework still to do.  Time to get the day underway so I can finally put my feet up when everything is finished, and enjoy this magical time of year.  Even though my boys are older now, I am so happy that they appreciate the family traditions of Christmas which we have been building over the years - it makes it all worthwhile.

I hope everyone has a peaceful and happy Christmas .

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