15 May, 2008

Where oh where has Cindy been?

I have been creative - made a few things at the weekend which I have to post photos of. Been doing lots of other things - cooking and crafting. Not exactly the crafting frenzy I was hoping for - but at least I'm back on track.

Wanted to post a link to some freeware images that I have come across on Jules blog. These images can be used for Personal use only, and must not be distributed elsewhere or used on items that will be sold or used for profit.If you want to have a look at the gorgeous pictures, you can see them here:http://countdown.tentwostudios.com/.

There are some lovely pictures here.


Jules said...

oooh, that's me :o)

Nice to hear you have been busy hunny xx

Max said...

Go easy on yourself Cindy ... there are only so many hours in the day y'know.