17 May, 2008


Been a busy week - i did get round to finishing some cards which didn't photograph well at all and this altered notebook. It is made out of a hardbacked notebook, some hand made paper from Trade Aid and an old shell button.
Rugby today - my boy was Player of the Day, so proud!
Older son's report arrived - not so proud, just as well he isn't here, might have calmed down by the time he gets home. Oh well I think I'll take my frustration out on some crafty stuff! Will post results later!


Max said...

Bonny wee notebook Cindy and well done to your son for his success as Player of the Day.
Try not to get too stressed about the report ... I tell my kids that if they don't work hard at school then the only person they're letting down is themself. Seems to work most of the time.

Lollies said...

COngrats for your son on winning player of the day!!!
Great Notebook!!!

Ickle Pickle said...

Lovely notebook Cindy and congratulations to your son for winning player of the day :)