25 January, 2009

Creative Everyday

Blog hopping this morning I found this inspirational blog about being creative everyday. Now my goals for the year are to improve my fitness and do more creative activities. My fitness is coming along - I have built a good habit over the last few weeks which I know I can continue so that leaves creativity, which I've struggled with because I jut can't 'make' something everyday as my other big passion - my children - take up time as well. The Creative Everyday idea is low-pressured with the aim of bringing more creativity into peoples lives. To quote the blog:

Creativity is meant in the broadest sense, so it doesn't have to be something art related. Your creative acts could be in cooking, taking pictures, knitting, doodling, writing, dancing, decorating, singing, playing with your kids, brainstorming ideas, gardening, or making art in the form of collage, paint, or clay...or whatever!

Easy - we can all do something in that list.

Anyway my creativity today is cooking - or should I say baking. I made this gorgeous loaf of focaccia for lunch. It looks pretty good, and tastes even better than it looks :-) Yum!

Go on over and have a look - you might find something inspiring as well - oh and there are challenges and themes to help things along.

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pinkpuppy said...

That looks yummy!