30 April, 2008

Serious loss of mojo

What a bad blogger I have been. I've been an even worse crafter. Not sure why but my work -life balance has gotten seriously out of kilter.
I named my blog 'Live Laugh Love' because I have a real longing to Live life passionately; Laugh loud and often and Love unconditionally, something that has got away from me over the last 4-6 weeks - I have been doing really long hours at work and in the time remaining have been spending with my kids (trying to over-ride that single parent/working mother guilt!).

Anyway since tomorrow is the start of a new month I am setting myself a challenge to do something creative everyday during the month of May and post it on my blog. Hopefully after a month of this I will be back in touch with my mojo - which has up and left me again!

So if anyone reads this (Hello out there!) please stop by again and give me some encouragement :). If you have a favourite blog, website, book etc that inspires you please leave me a comment - just incase I am in need of inspiration during my month long challenge!


Jules said...

Hiya hunny, just thought I would leave you a "I read your blog" comment so you know you aren't talking to yourself :-)

Hugs and more hugs
Jules x

CindyBee said...

Thank you Jules - you are a treasure

Max said...

I came ... I saw ... I read too. :)