20 February, 2008

Lost my mojo!

I can't find my mojo! I have so many things that I 'have' to make - cards, bookmark, ATCs - and I have no inspiration! Isn't that always the way....

It's a long time since I updated my blog so I thought I had better do something! I made this notebook a few weeks ago. It is supposed to encourage me to be more organised. About 50% success rate so far!

I think part of the problem is being tired - not taking care of myself! The start of the school year always takes some getting used to - for me and kids - so this weekend will be a 'be kind to yourself' weekend! Recharge the batteries and get some projects under way. Wish me luck :-)

Thought for the day:My mind contains many good ideas, but it's not always easy to squeeze one out. ~Ashleigh Brilliant
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Max said...

I wish you luck and am sending positive thoughts your way.
Good idea to recharge your batteries if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed ... sometimes too many things going on in your head makes it difficult to focus and the result is that nothing gets done.

Your thought for the day seems to be very appropriate at the moment but don't worry ... you will achieve your goals.

CindyBee said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts Max. I went and bought some gorgeous paper and other bits and pieces today (mainly for the bookmark challenge) and I'm beginning to feel something begin to stir - I feel like I'm beginning to get inspired again.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mojo comes back soon Cindy..I think we all know that feeling. Good luck!